Family Protection Trust

Did you know?

That upon your death your estate may have to pay as much as 5% of the overall value of your assets in Probate Costs just in order to wind up your estate?

With a Family Protection Trusts these costs are avoided!!

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How a Family Protection Trust works

  • A Family Protection Trust is a Trust that’s set up to hold your assets, safeguarding them from future circumstances and legal costs.
  • You still remain in control and can continue to use your assets as you normally would – e.g. you can move home or invest your money.
  • When you die, your estate is distributed immediately – there’s no need for Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) These legal fees can be as high as 5% of overall assets.
  • Your Will is carried out by Trustees acting only in your interests.
  • Beneficiaries’ current circumstances are taken into account by your Trustees to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and that they receive their inheritance at right time.
  • Your children can use the Trust to protect their own assets.

What’s included in our Family Protection Trust?

  • Fee covers all aspects of setting up the Family Protection Trust with Householder Club and the nominated expert solicitors.
  • Our expert solicitors act as your Trustees at no extra cost.
  • They’ll ensure your final wishes are carried out as set down in your Will.
  • They’ll act in support of your wishes – they don’t benefit from the Trust in any way.
  • They’ll defend any claims against the Trust including care costs and ensure beneficiaries inherit at the right time.
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