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Terms and Conditions for vouchers

1. There can be only one voucher per order

2. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Terms and Conditions regarding voucher validity are contained on/ with each voucher.

3. If you would like to place an order that is worth more than your voucher amount, you can
pay for the difference using a credit or debit card, cash or by applying for a finance package.
If the voucher is worth more than the order, the difference will not be refunded and cannot
be applied to a future order: therefore, if you do not use the entire voucher amount, the
difference will be lost.

4. Some vouchers can only be redeemed on specific items or groups of items. Vouchers that
are targeted to new users can only be redeemed if you have not previously placed an order
with any featured company. Further resctrictions can be found in the email containing
the voucher.

5. Vouchers will be applied against total order cost after any other incentives are applied.

6. It is not permitted to sell, trade or purchase vouchers or voucher codes in any way.
This also applies to purchasing vouchers or voucher codes from third parties.

7. Any featured Company reserve the right to discontinue a voucher at any time or to modify
any vouchers’ terms and conditions.


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